SREI Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust founded in the year 2009. The Trust has been registered under section 12 (A) of the Income Tax Act and also obtained certificate of exemption under section 80 (G) under Income Tax Act 1961.

The act of cultivating generosity stems from a sense of caring, nourishing, improving and enhancing the quality of life for human beings. This philosophy has inspired many towards altruism and selfless giving to the society. A modest effort on this path has been taken by shaping up of a Foundation which is actively engaged in deliberating and practising humble service to humanity on a sustainable basis. The journey started decades back with the conviction and self-belief of Dr. H. P. Kanoria who laid the cornerstones of an institution while transforming his desire of virtuous giving into practise.

In the initial decade the social activities were concentrated around community development & social assistance by funding the cause of the people in and around the community. These gestures were need and situation based and hence, ad-hoc in nature. Progressively, the focus shifted to structuring the philanthropic interest in a formal body and thus, Srei Foundation – a charitable trust, got institutionalised in 2009. Dr. H. P. Kanoria, Chairman of the trust has been instrumental in keeping the spirit of service to humanity alive and believes that “Good management policies are not only about profitability or guarding interests of the Stakeholders or to be Customer Centric, but future centric, people centric, environment centric and above all value centric.”

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SREI Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust which was founded in the year 2009 with a vision of creating a world free of struggle and poverty, filled with happiness, peace, prosperity and good health.

SREI Foundation emphasis as its mission, “Service to Humanity”, by providing medical assistance, educational support, healthy sanitation, developing hospitals, schools, medical centers, etc.

In last 10 years, 13 World Confluences of Humanity, Power & Spirituality have been organized, which were bedazzled by the presence of eminent people from different walks of life and were applauded by dignitaries around the world. This confluence is not religion oriented. Emphatically it is for humanity, peace, harmony and happiness.

Srei Foundation extends monetary grants and other assistance to NGOs, beneficiaries, cooperatives, philanthropies, and such others who can be suitable partners in implementing projects for social welfare across the sectors. Its philosophy,“Service to the society has always been and will be the guiding star of life”. Further, during spiritual fares the Foundation voluntarily distributes clothes and food among the commuters as a regular practice.

The Trust is committed to contributing towards programs that will lead to sustainable outcomes and impacts for the global community. To achieve these goals, it invests resources by strategically partnering with non-profits and non-government organizations (NGO) that have demonstrated expertise and ability to magnify positive outcomes through action.

Since its inception, the trust has continuously pursued its objective through promotion of education (academic, technical and moral), health, housing, socio-economic support and awakening/empowering women, free holistic treatments and assistance to various NGOs in their respective causes. With major emphasis on underserved population & communities the foundation also supports setting up of schools, colleges, and medical and scientific research institutions along with extended opportunities to deserving students for preliminary and higher education through various channels. It has created a Srei Scholarship Fund for the Sanskrit learning programme which was initiated in collaboration with Boston University.

It has tied up with various social bodies to help the meritorious students from the economically weaker sections of the society for further studies. While treading the path of virtuous giving, the foundation has extended its services to certain universities offshore for different causes. To support the cause of building social institutions, advance loan was provided for construction of houses, marriage of poor girls, and other social essentials.

Amidst changing perception and shifting paradigms in the practices of social service, Srei Foundation has embarked upon the voyage of motivating people to cultivate and integrate the inner values and the outer being, to discern the love of family, of humanity and the world, and to view them as one in a journey towards happiness and service. This can only be possible by bringing the attention of people to the universal language of love, compassion and humanity, walking the path of righteousness and imbibing the essence of human values, and our rich culture and religious heritage.

The foundation has created a platform – World Confluence of Humanity, Power & Spirituality – to communicate this message to the mankind. Every year through this platform a wide variety of disciplines and personages represent different streams of thoughts and subjects with the intention to include all facets of psycho-physical and intellectual activity that have a bearing on the enrichment of human existence and awareness of the core meaning and purpose of life.

Besides directly taking up socially and spiritually sustainable initiatives individually, Srei Foundation also extends facilitation & support to various businesses of Srei and its group companies to drive their CSR initiatives independently (along with the identified clusters such as education & skills development, health, development through spirituality and also other emerging areas with scope of development). The members of Srei Universe, along with the surrounding communities and institutions, internalize this perspective. The foundation will be proactively engaged with the corporate employees, customers and communities.


A world free of struggle and poverty and filled with love, happiness, peace, prosperity and good health. A vibrant world with empowered and ignited minds, a Nation with growth and development imbibing Humanity and Spirituality in all facets of everyday life.


To serve society and humanity with a view to bring about a change in the attitude by following a path of righteousness in fostering peace, harmony and brotherhood to build a sustainable society. To live and let live in a united world encompassing and respecting all other religions and human values while embracing economic growth for the development of the Nation.

  • Aims & Objectives

    • Care for the less fortunate (Clothing, Food, Financial Assistance, Loans etc.)
    • Medical assistance & Support
    • Education
    • To establish, support and maintain libraries and reading rooms
    • Clean environment – islands, parks, planting trees and creating awareness
    • Impart education and knowledge for agriculture, horticulture and floriculture
    • Elevation programmes for rural and slum areas
    • Programmes for entrepreneurship and traineeship
    • Undertake projects and programmes for safe drinking water
    • Healthy sanitation and support development for better living conditions
    • Providing solar energy in rural areas
    • To acquire, construct and maintain facilities for public welfare
    • Provide all-round mental and spiritual health by organizing camps, seminars, exhibitions etc.
    • To build, maintain and renovate old age homes.
    • To grant aid, assist and renovate heritage treasures including lands and buildings
    • To build and maintain hospitals, medical centres, research centres, health centres, dispensaries etc.
  • Area of Work

    • Planning and organizing programmes and projects for keeping Mother Earth green
    • Providing education that prepares students for leadership and social responsibility.
    • Planning, organizing and implementing programmes for water management, conservation, recycling of waste and water harvesting.
    • Conducting sponsored and non sponsored programmes with support of Ministries, Departments and International bodies.
    • Providing consultancy services on horticulture and global environmental educational programmes in school and colleges and rendering their benefits and advantages to members of the public, institutions and organizations.
    • Initiating programmes on organic farming of fruits and vegetables for a cleaner, greener environment.
    • Organizing conferences, seminars, debates, quizzes, exhibitions etc. for generating awareness on environmental issues amongst youth.
    • Initiating family welfare programmes with emphasis on domestic violence, socially deprived persons and differently abled persons.
    • Identifying fresh new talents, promoting and encouraging their potential for better quality of life.
    • Initiating schemes for participation of women in programmes to develop their leadership and entrepreneurship skills.
    • The SREI Samman Award for outstanding service in the field of Education, work for the deprived and economically handicapped persons, contribution to Health, Development and Research, and Literary Excellence.
  • Service to humanity

    SREI Foundation is engaged in multifarious activities with a dynamic approach towards creating value and developing building blocks for the nation. The three major areas of activity are:-

    • Education Promotion
    • Healthcare & Wellness
    • Social & Economic Welfare

    Education Promotion

    SREI Foundation has been working in the field of Education with the spur to nurture talent & opportunity among the youth of our nation. In view of the prominent growth in global demand for accountants the Foundation has collaborated with Chisholm Institute of TAFE, Victoria, Australia, for conferring Postgraduate diploma in Accounting and Financial Control.

    • The foundation extends support to deserving students for preliminary as well as higher education, by paying their school fees, lodging charges, transportation, stationary etc.
    • The curriculum offers excellent opportunities to its students for a lucrative career in India and an option to move toAustralia for further studies and employment abroad.
    • It sponsored 81 meritorious and financially weak students of the society
    • Provided financial assistance to 41 students through various educational institutes.
    • Besides social upliftment, the foundation sponsored education for 100 students of Ramakrishna Mission.
    • To encourage the skill development initiative, it extended support to Nibedita Sewing College by providing sewing machines and financing the program of 35 women trainees
    • Obtained affiliation from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, in order to impart specialized and job oriented professional courses such as MBA, BBA & BCA.
    • Promotes Sanskrit language in India & abroad in association with the St. James, Sanskrit School, UK.
    • Confers the SREI Samman Award for outstanding service in the field of Education, Research & Literary Excellence.

    Health Care & Treatment

    • With an inclination towards philanthropy and an urge to expiate the sufferings of underprivileged, SREI Foundation provides financial assistance to several individuals in need of treatment for critical diseases and for creating awareness in the fields of general healthcare.

    Socio Economic Welfare

    SREI Foundation endeavours to alleviate the marginalized people of the society and has provided financial support for marriages and other social obligations of those in need. Besides, it has promoted cultural, social &environmental awareness through various programmes and seminars and distribution of books.

    • Training of local people for skill development
    • Development of green belts in Infrastructure Development
    • Participation in plantation programmes with the Govt. and local communities.
    • Running of primary Health Care Units.
    • Contribution to the development of individual and local educational Institutions.
    • Contribution to NGOs to achieve their missions.
    • Support good governance.