Quality Education for Underpriviledged Children

Srei Foundation provides necessary support to the underprivileged children of a school located at the slums of Tiljala area, Kolkata. Due to the poor socio-economic conditions, some students had to discontinue from the regular secondary course curriculum carried out at different schools.

The Foundation organized bridge course exclusively curated for these dropped out students and as a result, all the students have successfully passed out the School Final examination and admitted in the Higher Secondary course curriculum.

Interfaith Harmony & Peace

Celebrated World Interfaith Harmony Week, introduced by United Nations, on 15th February 2019, SREI Foundation in association with Chishty Foundation organized a symposium and interfaith panel discussion. The core objective of this symposium is to promote harmony, knowledge, understanding and admiration among all concerned by uniting and championing interfaith cooperation and dialogue to cultivate the culture of peace, admiration and healing of mankind.


This panel discussion was aimed to create a platform for people from around the world who share the same commitment – to love and serve Humanity and to take spiritual and physical responsibility for stewardship of nature while spreading the message of Love Towards All in its Full essence among the people of our beautiful Planet Earth.

The panelists shared their views on how their religion believes in “Love Towards All, Malign Toward None”.


Dr. H P Kanoria, Chairman, Srei Foundation; Haji Syed Salman Chisty, Chairman, Chisty Foundation Ajmer Sharif; Swami Suparnananda Ji Maharaj, Secretary General, The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture; Rev. Dr. Pratap Chandra Gine, Ex- Vice Principal, Serampore College; Dr. Richa Chopra, International Faculty, Art of Living; Sheikh Muhammed Eshref Efendi, Representative of Euripaisches Zentrum Fur Sufismus & Interreligiose Begegnungen – Germany; Ven. M. Medhankara Thero, Bhikkhu-in-Charge Maha Bodhi Society of India; Smt. Paramjit Kaur, Educationist & Sikh Scholar; Shri Rajesh Jain, Founder, Janus.


We Care for Humanity (WCH) a charitable trust and the SREI Foundation in collaboration with SantNirankari Mission (SNM) hosted Global Order of Dignitaries & Philanthropist (G.O.D.) Awards, the first philanthropic event of this magnitude in Kolkata, on 28th& 29th July, 2018. It is for the first time GOD Awards happened outside the U.S. In India, SREI Foundation became one of the key initiators of this G.O.D AWARDS ASIA, 2018. The G.O.D. ASIA was attended by luminaries and our most esteemed Honorees and Speakers who reside at the upper echelon of Diplomacy, Royalty, Business, Education, Arts and Philanthropy worldwide. H.E. IVO JOSIPOVIC- 3rd President of Republic of Croatia and H.E. FATMIR SEDJIU- 1st President of Republic of Kosovo graced the conference as Chief Guests.

Solar Charkha Mission

The Solar Charkha Mission, an initiative towards the self empowerment of the women of the rural village named Baraiya, Bihar was launched on 1st of April, 2018, Sunday in the glorious presence of ministers, industrialist, social workers and thousands of rural people. The rural village of Bihar, Baraiya witnessed something like this for the first time in their entire lives and with it a ray of hope and light started entering their lives. For them it’s real good news because for the first time solar charkhas are being installed for the women to empower them, made them self dependent and independent economically. This will be a milestone for the future of the women living in villages. This project will allow the women to cut threads in these charkhas and sell them to the government directly which gives them a chance of earning Rs. 200-250/day (6k-10k approximately). Dr. H P Kanoria, the honorable chaiman of the SREI Foundation and the key person behind this project himself hails from Baraiya.

The project is housed at the Kanoria House itself. Another person to gives constant support to this initiative and without whom this wouldn’t have been possible is the honorable union minister Shri Giriraj Singh. This project will generate employment to more than 1 lac young women in future. This will not only benefit the district of Baraiya but the adjacent villages will also be benefited from this. The foundation stone was laid by Shri Giriraj Singh, Union Minister, Dr. H P Kanoria, Chairman SREI Foundation, in the presence of Shri Vijay Kumar Sinha, the honorable labour minister of Bihar.

To start with, 25 solar charkhas and 5 solar looms will be installed and later on the number will go up to at least 100. The Union Minister said that they have plan to turn Lakhipur into a textile hub where almost 5 crore of employment will be generated in near future. Setting Tamil Nadu’s Thrichur as a model Bihar wants to make the textile industry flourish in the districts and give a golden future for the youth. The women will be given proper training to cut thread in looms.

SIRAGU – Wings of Change

SIRAGU is a not-for-profit venture of Srei Foundation for public welfare and charity which aims to empower women by providing them a unique platform for self development and independence. SIRAGU is focused on the upliftment of women living in the urban slums and survivors of acid violence in Chennai. This initiative has been launched in its Training – cum – Self Help Centre at the opposite side of the Central Railway Station in Chennai. Siragu has identified more than 40 women from urban slums of Chennai for this programme which will be expanded to benefit more constituents in the near future.

The participants of this unique programme are being provided vocational training like sewing, jute & paper bag making, greetings card making, mehendi paintings etc., which help them to earn their livelihoods. Siragu positively affects the lives of over 1000 women across the country in a direct way. The projects helps women to develop their skills and provides them a platform for being recognised in the society.


& Financial Support

Srei Foundation has provided financial assistance to Sanskrit at St James School, London, towards illustrations for the new Sanskrit textbooks, teachers training program and website to be able to support schools teaching Sanskrit.

In addition, Srei has created a Srei India Scholarship Fund which was initiated in collaboration with the Boston University wherein a sum of 50,000 USD (30.62 lakhs at 61.25) has been gifted for several years to enable talented students from across the globe to experience the unparalleled education that the University offers.

The Foundation has tied up with various social bodies to help meritorious but needy students pursue higher studies. Srei Foundation has sponsored 81 such students so far and provided financial assistance to 48 students through various educational institutes. Besides social upliftment within the community, it sponsored education for 100 students of the Ramakrishna Mission.

Financial aid was extended towards a school for the blind in Kulti, and also a higher secondary girls’ school in the locality for maintenance, supply of furniture and water filter. Monthly financial grants were given to A.C. Institution Higher Secondary School, Sodepur Colliery High School and Shibpore Workshop Free Primary School.

To support underprivileged and socio-economically challenged but meritorious students Srei Foundation introduces Kedarnath-Bhagirathi Devi Scholarship Schemes, which make the students ready for the professional world and help them to get better opportunity both in academic as well as professional fields and do well in life.


The achievements of some of the recipients of Kedarnath-Bhagirathi Devi Scholarship Schemes are as follows:

  1. Madhurima Ghosh has secured First Class First position in M.A. in Education from the University of Calcutta. She has also qualified in NET examination and now becomes eligible to work as Assistant Professor.
  2. A.Nasker  has secured  First Class First position in Chemistry and he is pursuing Ph.D. in IIT Kharagpur
  3. Barsha Dasgupta achieved M.B.B.S degree with Gold Medal by securing first position in the final exams of Pathology
  4. Arka Dutta passed B.Sc examination by securing First Class First position in Mathematics from University of Calcutta
  5. AloRakhshit daughter of a cancer patient and hails from a very poor family, passed B.A Examination from Bankura Zila Sarada Mani MahilaMaha Vidyalaya College by securing high marks in English literature. Also has also been admitted for the M.A. course in English at Bankura University.
  6. Debosmita Samaddar and R.Bhowmick are now pursuing engineering course
  7. Koyena Roy is now pursing medical course from R.G. Kar Medical College
  8. 38 students from the poorest families graduated successfully
  9. 64 students from the grass root level passed Higher secondary Examination with flying colours

Recently Srei foundation distributes masks and blankets to the under privileged school children residing in slums. This initiative of the foundation will help the children to be protected from the cold weather and pandemic situation.



IISD’s Skill Development Initiative Scheme:

Vocational training on the Skill Development Initiative Scheme under supervision of IISD started in 2013 at Datre Corporation Ltd. training centre. Various charitable and skill development activities are going on at Falta 24 Parganas (South) with the initiative and support of Dr. Hari Prasad Kanoria under the banner of IISD, SREI Foundation and IISD Edu World.

Vocational training to the local youths, mostly unemployed and underprivileged, is provided on different industrial trades at our own cost. Currently vocational courses on Industrial Safety, Turner, Welder, Fitter, House Wiring, Spoken English etc. are being offered. On the successful completion of the courses candidates are awarded IISD certificates of competency. Many of such trained candidates are engaged in employment elsewhere or self-employed.

IISD’s Skill Development Scheme for Women:

Srei Foundation has setup this Sewing Training Centre at the premises of Datre Corporation Ltd., for women empowerment to help women achieve self-reliance and financial independence by providing vocational training through which women can either start something on their own or take up a job. In this way women can be self-sufficient and confident in their traditional role as home makers and immensely benefited towards a sustainable and self-reliant source of livelihood. The women students are being taught embroidery arts and designing as well as tailoring in the course.


Kedarnath Bhagirathi Kanoria Health Service Clinic is running from Falta. Free treatments are provided to the local people, by the following Doctors. Free medicines are also provided to the patients as prescribed by the doctors.

Environmental Organic Farm

Plantation of about 500 banana trees along with plantations of about 50 other species of tree saplings were done in factory premises as well as quarter complex areas. Such plantations are going on time to time in the above premises for improvement of environment and all round look.

IISD EDU WORLD – Computer Hub

IISD EDU WORLD has set up a Training Centre at Datre Corporation Limited in South 24-Parganas for Course on Computer Concept (CCC) and Basic Computer Course (BCC) as an approved “Facilitation Centre” of National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) (An autonomous Scientific Society of Deity).


Rehabilitation of rescued
trafficked girls

Srei Foundation ensures “Women Empowerment” by initiating and donating funds for the rehabilation of rescued girls / women who were trafficked from South 24 Parganas district. The SWAYANGSIDDHA programme was implemented in association with North 24 Parganas Police Department and Goranbose Gram Bikas Kendra (GGBK), an NGO based out of Rajarhat.A total of 22 rescued girls/women were helped with the funds donated by Srei Foundation. All the rescued girls/women acquired necessary skill sets and started their own businesses in the various fields like rearing goats, sewing and selling readymade garments, running beauty parlours, kirana shops, cycle vans etc.

From the discussions with the GGBK officials who are in charge of implementation of the project (SWAYANGSIDDHA), and views shared by the beneficiaries, it was clear that the work done was exemplary. As all these girls are presently financially independent – some of them have flourished their business with income generated from the business started with the funds provided by Srei Foundation and become completely self sustaining. Most of them have become self confident and they are also leading local women’s groups in spreading awareness on potential dangers in the form of trafficking and resisting ill practices of child marriage and domestic violence. Two of the women got married and returned to the main stream of life.

One Teacher


Another noteworthy initiative by Srei Foundation on the education front is the adoption of 15 “One Teacher” schools across 15 locations in the Gaya district, Bihar. The aim is to provide informal education to children who are the first generation learners of the tribal community living in remote areas and to undertake other activities meant for progress of the villages.

Global Ethics Foundation


A declaration on Global Ethics was signed by 143 respected leaders from all the world’s major faiths during the second Parliament of World Religions held in Chicago in 1993. This declaration was an initial statement containing rules of living with the hope that all the religions of the world would agree to the same thereby paving the way for developing a movement for spreading a common global ethic all over the world and achieve long lasting peace and harmony among the various religious groups.

We are glad to be associated with this movement through collaboration with Global Ethic Foundation for intercultural and inter-religious research education and encounter at Tübingen, Germany which was inspired by the aforesaid declaration and has been working in this direction though cooperative efforts with similar organizations in a number of countries. The foundation is engaged in promoting and carrying out intercultural and inter-religious research, educational work and interactions aimed at promoting the same.

Ever since human societies are formed, ideas have been developed on how to achieve a flourishing social life and a good life for the individual. Ethical standards – an elementary ethic – have developed in all cultures. Religions and philosophies above all have spelt out these standards and systematized them. But in our present-day pluralistic world no single religion, philosophy or ideology can lay down such an ethic for the whole society. Yet it is possible and important to discover the common features in the ethics of the different religions and philosophies, and make people aware of them:

  • for the individual’s personal orientation;
  • for society as the presupposition for its cohesion;
  • for nations and religious communities as a basis for understanding, collaboration and peace.

On the basis of these common ethical standards, called a ‘Global Ethic’ for short, people of all cultures and nations can live together and work together for a more peaceful world.

Global Ethic Foundation India (GEFI) is engaged in initiating the programme in India through promotion and dissemination of the global ethic idea among children and youth in kindergartens and schools all across India. We also plan to gradually expand the coverage to include colleges and ultimately corporate houses (global business ethic).


a journey within through service

The foundation has gone one step beyond the normal cause of social endeavours. Dr. H. P. Kanoria penned his thoughts on spirituality with respect to every religion, which has been shaped into an inspiring book – Enlightenment. Dr. Kanoria has written this book to spread the message of happiness, peace, harmony, austerity, simplicity, prosperity and good health for all. The book speaks of that body which is illuminated by the effulgent spirit within. It draws inspiration from all religious faiths and teachers of humanity. The book entails spiritual conditions by harmonizing spiritual concepts from various scriptures with special focus on Swami Vivekananda’s concept of human values.

It has been circulated among people from different walks of life. Several books and publications on similar subject have been translated and shared with a larger audience to inspire them with spirituality.

We Care for


Being moved by the good work undertaken and implemented under the banner of ‘We care for Humanity’, USA, by Princess Maria Amor DD, we have entered into an understanding with them and have launched ‘We Care For Humanity’, India, for carrying on with the Nobel initiatives undertaken by ‘We Care for Humanity’. This is in line with our endeavour to provide assistance globally for issues concerning Human Rights, World Peace, Education, Health and Wellness, Eradication of Poverty, Green Environment, and Empowerment.

World Confluence of Humanity

Power & Spirituality

The World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality are being held with great success and acclamation for the last 9 years.It is the first of its kind in the world with a conglomeration for great issues on humanity, power (inner & outer) and spirituality. Several distinguished luminaries whose hearts echo with humanity from different communities and all religions across the world, shared their views that every religion propagates service to humanity, moral and social principles, thereby, having its own path leading to one cosmic reality. It has received the whole hearted support of the elite and the layman alike.

This is a spectacular Confluence where all streams of thoughts converge irrespective of religious persuasion, inclusive of all disciplines whether belonging to science or humanities, sacred or secular, social or cultural, political or economic, where eminent people shared their thoughts and life’s experiences, highlighting unity in diversity and diversity in unity. It remains the task of this conference to bring home the values of Enlightenment in practice as life’s journey within one’s own self, through love and service to the society at large.

The World Confluence accords a special place to women who are a source of inspiration, love and selfless services. The theme of the confluence over the years orbits around service to humanity and the essentialism of spirituality.

The children and youth are the future of the country and their consciousness has to be transformed through spiritual alchemy to have inner power to cope with life’s challenges with faith in self and the creator and to serve humanity. Their inner power has to be aroused to cope with life’s challenges with faith in self, creator and service.

During the conference the SREI Samman Award is conferred for Outstanding Service in the field of: (i) Education (ii) Work for the Deprived and the Disadvantaged (iii) Contribution to Health (iv) Development and Research (v) Literary Excellence and (VI) Crusader for Humanity (VII) Crusader for Women.

The Confluence is not religion oriented. Empathically it is for Humanity, Peace, Harmony and Happiness. It is to ignite our consciousness, sub consciousness, super consciousness to divinity within our souls.